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Aurora Fiber Optic Networks, in conjunction with 702 Communications, provides the reliability of high-speed fiber optics and the convenience of home-town service. With secure connectivity ideal for hospitals, universities, government and financial institutions, Aurora’s networks span all of Minnesota with capabilities of reaching a majority of the United States — keeping information safe and secure as it travels our networks.

Through partnerships with more than 50 carriers around Minnesota, as well as Indatel, a nationwide network of telephone companies, Aurora provides a single point of contact for all of your network and fiber optic Internet services, building more convenient ways for businesses to communicate and share information, no matter where they are located.

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Unlimited network access

Aurora offers businesses a single point of contact so all of your network connections can be made with the ease, speed and reliability you require. We’re Minnesota based, but we don’t stop there. Aurora also provides broad access to fiber optics throughout the U.S. through partnerships nationwide.


Comprehensive coverage

Aurora’s fiber optics provide access to the most comprehensive fiber network in Minnesota. With Aurora’s direct connectivity and underlying network access, we can provide your organization with an expansive network capability for voice, data and video transport, high-speed Internet and web services.


User-friendly operations

If your business requires reliable data transfer for day-to-day operations, especially between locations throughout Minnesota, Aurora can help. With a single point of contact for your network security, billing and technical support, Aurora’s reliability and user-friendly operations will save your company both time and money.


Fast, reliable services

Aurora’s high-speed broadband services provide fast, reliable and secure network connectivity to businesses in all of Minnesota and locations throughout the U.S. Here is a sampling of what we have to offer:

High-Speed Internet

Our secure fiber optic Internet service is ideal for large businesses including financial institutions, hospitals and government agencies with branches located across Minnesota. Our fiber optic network provides direct connections to enhance security, speed and reliability.

Local network

For us, every network is a local network. Through Ethernet connectivity, Aurora connects local fiber networks across Minnesota together, creating one all-encompassing reliable network for businesses throughout the state. Click here to see our Minnesota network map.


Private Lines

Aurora’s high-capacity, high-speed private lines allow businesses to share information between multiple locations, without leaving your own secure network. Leave the network security, server hosting, environmental controls, fire suppression, firewall protection, and backup services to us.


Independent Network Partners
Central Transport Group Partners
Cooperative Network Services Partners
West Central Transport Group Partners

Connecting Minnesota, and beyond.

Through partnerships with more than 50 carriers around Minnesota and throughout the U.S., Aurora provides a single point of contact for network security, support and billing, no matter where your branch offices are located. Click here to view the map larger.

702 Communications

Barnesville Telephone Company
East Otter Tail Telephone Company
Loretel Systems
Otter Com Inc.
Red River Technologies Inc.
Rothsay Telephone Company

Central Transport Group (CTG)

Albany Mutual Telephone Association
Benton Cooperative Telephone Company
Consolidated Telephone Company
Melrose Telephone Company
Midwest Information Systems

Independent Networks

702 Communications
Halstad Telephone Company
Wikstrom Telephone Company

Cooperative Network Services (CNS)

Albany Mutual Telephone Assoc
Benton Cooperative Telephone Co
Consolidated Telecommunications Company
Emily Cooperative Telephone Co
Farmers Mutual Telephone Co
Federated Telephone Co
Garden Valley Telephone Co
Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Assoc
Halstad Telephone Company
Interstate Telecommunications Coop
Mabel Telephone Coop
Park Region Mutual Telephone Co
Paul Bunyan Communications
Red River Communications
Runestone Telecom Assoc
Roberts County Telephone Assoc
Spring Grove Communications
West Central Telephone Assoc

West Central Transport Group (WCTG)

Blue Earth Valley Communications
Cannon Valley Communications
East Otter Tail Telephone Company
Farmers Mutual Technologies
Federated Telephone Cooperative
Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association
Granada Telephone Company
Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative
Midwest Information Systems
Onvoy Communications
Otter Com Inc.
RC Technologies
Red River Technologies
Rothsay Telephone Company
Runestone Telephone Association
South Dakota Network
Splitrock Communications
Valley Telephone Company
Winnebago Cooperative Telephone Association


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